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Surf beaches for beginners (update 2019)

Where to learn to surf in Bali

Warm water, perfect waves all year round, friendly vibe and plenty choice of breaks for surfers all levels – that's all about Bali, one of the most popular surfers' destinations in the world.

So if you're keen to learn how to surf - this is a list of most popular Bali surf spots suitable for beginners:

Kuta and Seminyak

Kuta, Legian beach
Considered as the most popular place to learn how to surf in Bali. More than 8 km long coastline (separated in Kuta beach, Legian beach and Seminyak beach) offers shallow sandy beach breaks with easy white waves, good for playing in knee-high water.

If you have never surfed before, it could be a good idea to start surfing here and take the first lesson. Waves here work for beginners all year around, but in wet season (December-February) water brings a lot of trash and it could be not nice experience to bath in the rubbish.

  • Shallow sandy bottom
  • Easy slowly waves, mostly white water, green waves close too fast
  • Work almost all year round, best season April-October
  • Many group lessons from surf schools located nearby
  • The center of touristic area with lots of night clubs and street vendors
  • Board Rentals


Batu Bolong beach, Canggu
Several peaks with soft longboard waves, that break several times and give everyone the opportunity to catch a wave. For now Canggu is considered the best place to learn to surf in Bali for beginner and also intermediate surfers. For several reasons:

Firstly, here you can learn and improve all basic surfing skills: paddling, reading the ocean, choosing the right position in lineup and standing up on the board. (By the way in Kuta waves you don't need to paddle too much and understand the ocean situation although it's the main skills for everyone who plan to practice surfing in different breaks.)

Secondly, waves in Canggu are quite long to get nice practice of riding and turning the board.

Thirdly, Canggu breaks work for beginners almost all day round and almost all year.

  • Safe reef break with deep water at suitable tide
  • White water inside and slowly green waves outside
  • Work almost all year round, best season April-October
  • Surfers vibe and trendy hipster area with many cafes and bars
  • In high season (July-September) overcrowded
  • Board Rentals


Jimbaran beach
Not commonly known as a surf spot, but when the days of big swell come to Bali (in July-August) Jimbaran become the only surfable place for beginners.
There are several peaks here, but waves are short and get overcrowded cause it's the only option for beginner/intermediate surfers from all Bali areas.

  • Sandy bottom with small rocks and shells
  • Short green waves and white water
  • Work only in days of big swell (more than 8ft)
  • The area of big luxury hotels
  • Board Rentals


Serangan island
Have several breaks suitable for surfers all levels, and the leftmost break provide white water and easy green waves for beginners. The beach is nice, sand is white and water is clear, the breaks here work in wet season only (December-March) and attract many surfers.

Unfortunately, for now, the access to the lineup is possible only by the boat due to big development on the land, and the boat transfer takes extra money.

  • Reef break, deep enough in high water
  • White water and slowly green waves
  • The surf season December-March
  • No tourist facilities around, the area under construction
  • No board rentals
Not every beach suits to beginner surfers. Even if a beach is considered
as a beginner spot, it does not mean that could not be some days with nonsurfable conditions. The season and the current ocean conditions means a lot.

Don't risk and learn to surf with a surf guide.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua beach
Reef breaks with white water inside, good for total beginners. If you're not first time surfer and need to practice in easy green waves better to choose another place to surf, cause green waves in Nusa Dua are fast and hollow and suits only experienced surfers.
Best conditions for Nusa Dua waves are in wet season (December-February).

  • Reef break, deep enough in high water
  • White water
  • Best season December-March
  • The area of big luxury hotels
  • Few people in the water
  • Board Rentals


Dreamland beach
Beach-reef break suitable for beginner surfers in mid-low tide and small swell. In case of bigger waves conditions could be not safe and too challenging for not experienced surfers. The beach is popular among tourists that are brought here by big buses. As a result this small and nice beach usually looks overcrowded and noisy.

  • The only beach break in Bukit area
  • White water and green waves
  • Best season May-October
  • Far away from major touristic infrastructure
  • Board Rentals

Padang Padang, Bingin, Uluwatu and other breaks on the south

Balangan beach
Padang Padang, Bingin, Uluwatu, Balangan and other breaks in the South Bukit Peninsula are
reef breaks for experienced surfers only. Beginners can go there only under certain ocean conditions (high tide, small swell).
So, if you decide to stay in Bukit area, but you have a little surfing experience, it could be a bit difficult to catch the proper time to learn to surf nearby your place.
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