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How learn to surf in Bali?

You want to learn how to surf while in Bali. You can make it in different ways:

1. Learn to surf by your own

Surfer gets wipeout
Some people come to the beach, look at the crowds of surfers in the water and decide just to rent a surfboard and try to learn to surf by themselves. It costs nothing (just $5-7 for the rent board), but anyway it's not the best idea, unless you want to become a kook of the day.

Surfing is not easy activity and the ocean could be dangerous for those who don't know the rules. And you can easily get disappointed with surfing cause everything goes wrong.

2. Find a surf guide on the beach

Beach boys in Kuta beach
If you come to any popular beach in Bali you can easily find beach boys at the rentals who offer cheap (about $25) surf lessons. Usually they are surfers from other Indonesian islands who come to Bali for better life. They have less teaching experience, barely know English and can not guarantee your safety in the water.

Well-experienced surf guides in Bali usually work in surf schools or as a freelancer with their own guests.

3. Take a group lesson in surf school

Group surf lesson in Kuta
It will be 6-8 students and only 1 or 2 surf instructors. The regular price for group lesson in Bali surf schools is around $35. Group lessons take place only in the easiest conditions - shallow white water waves.

On the beach your surf guide explains surf theory and show, what to do in the water. In the ocean you will try to apply this knowledge to practice and recognize that surfing is not so easy like it seemed to be.

Without any help it's hard to find the right position in the ocean and catch a wave, so while your instructor pay attention to other students you have to waste your time and wait for his help. Or try to take off by yourself and get many wipeouts. So in fact after a group lesson you will know basics and theory of surfing, but got just a little practice in the water.

4. Take a private lesson with well-experienced guide

Private surf lesson in Canggu
Private surf lesson is more expensive than a group one (the prices in Bali surf schools starts from $60). But If you take a personal surf instructor, you can be sure that you will get more intensive surf practice and enhance the skills of taking off and riding waves at a much faster rate.

During the entire lesson your guide will help you to catch every suitable wave and give you necessary tips. You will try to surf not only white water but also green waves.

So the most effective and fastest way to get ready for your own surfing practice is one-on-one coaching with well-experienced surf guide.
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