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About Us

We are "Enjoy Wipeout" online surfing agency. We work in Bali since 2012 and organize activities for surfers all levels and in all Bali areas.
Our mission is to provide service in quick and easy way, consider all wishes of each guest and do our best to make their surfing experience in Bali safe and joyful.

Why do we work with freelancer surf guides?

Its all about features of the labour market in Bali. Good and well-experienced surf guides (with more than 6-7 years of experience) rarely work as a full-time employers in surf camps or surf schools. The major reason is that such job in Bali is usually low-paid, cause of high competition among surfers from other poor islands who come to Bali for better life. They are ready to work hard for less money and that's economically advantageous for most surf schools and camps in Bali. But not for us.
Our mission is to search and gather best local surf guides with wide experience, who know how to treat people well in the water.
Our surf guides are well-known among Bali surf community and can afford to be a well-paid freelancer, they have many foreign friends and friends of friends, who come to Bali for surfing with them. They travel to other Indonesia islands and other countries and speak English fluently.