Surf lessons

Private surf lessons in Bali

We make one-on-one coaching for surfers all levels and ages

Personal surf guide
Personal surf guide is always by you ready to help
Pick up and drop off service
Pick up and drop off service by private car, no sharing transportation
No strict schedules – we make surf lessons in any time you want (if the ocean conditions are fine enough)
Easy booking – send us request and your personal manager answer all your questions and organize your surf lessons
Payment in cash after lesson or online via Paypal

Why should I try surfing in Bali?

Bali is one of the best places to learn to surf. You will find here warm ocean, waves for all levels and friendly local surf guides. So while you’re in Bali take the opportunity to try surfing and get inspired by the surf culture with us!

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Why learn to surf in a way of one-on-one coaching?

If you learn to surf in a group of students:

  • — usually it's 6 persons and more for 1-2 surf guides
  • — your guide is not able to look after you every time you take a wave
  • — you have to wait for his help and tips wasting a lot of waves and not getting any practice
  • — often you try to catch a wave by your own, choosing a wrong position and getting wipeout

If you take the lessons with a personal surf instructor:

  • — you catch every wave your coach provides to you, and get intensive practice
  • — your learning is specifically designed to meet your needs depending on your experience, ability level and wishes
  • — you feel confident in the water cause your surf guide is always by you ready to help
  • — you can improve your surf skills at a much faster rate

Personal professional surf guide gives you the feeling of confidence in the water. Many people start being afraid of the ocean and stop surfing practice because they did not get that feeling during the group surf lesson.

The best local surf instructors

We collaborate only with best surf guides in Bali and keep searching best of the best every day. That’s the most important right? – With whom you spend the time on your holidays. Our guides are not only good surfers with local knowledge and not only well-experienced instructors who take care about your learning process, adjusted to your own personal flow. All of them are also easy going, friendly and nice guys. We are proud of them and appreciate the work they do. We believe we are different.

Our surf guides:

  • — speak English fluently
  • — always follow safety rules
  • — patient and sensitive to the student’s needs
  • — have local knowledge of Bali breaks
  • — experienced in working with big brand surf schools across Bali


If you stay in Canggu area*:

If you stay in Seminyak or Kuta area*:

If you stay in Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Sanur, Ubud area:

If you stay in Canggu area*:

1 person700k IDR (50 USD)

2 persons1300k IDR (90 USD)

3 persons1800k IDR (120 USD)

If you stay in Seminyak or Kuta area*:

1 person800k IDR (60 USD)

2 persons1400k IDR (100 USD)

3 persons1900k IDR (130 USD)

If you stay in Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Sanur, Ubud area:

1 person1050k IDR (75 USD)

2 persons1700k IDR (120 USD)

3 persons2350k IDR (170 USD)

Included: Pick up/ drop off service, surf board rent, rash guard rent

We collaborate with many surf guides, so we’re ready to make personal coaching even for big group of guests. Just send us request.

* In case we pick you up from Kuta/Seminyak/Canggu area and the surf lesson takes place in Green bowl (if the swell is too small) we take extra fee 250k IDR (18 USD) for longer transfer

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What is going to happen on the beginner surfing lesson?

On the beach you will get information about ocean characteristics and theory of surfing. In the water the surf coach will help you to paddle, catch the waves, find the priority position and improve your surf skills. A lot of attention is given to safety and surf etiquette. We take you to the most appropriate surf breaks according to your personal level of surfing and the current ocean conditions.

One surf lesson means one surf session and lasts as long as you get tired. Surf session finishes, when you go out from water. Your guide could offer you to finish the session in case the ocean conditions are getting dangerous or not suitable for surfing.

Any questions? – Feel free to ask!

Surfing lessons for kids

All of our surf guides have wide experience of teaching the kids. If your child aged over 6 and he is able to swim we’re happy to teach him to surf!

Dad pays for the whole family? – Ask us about discount if you’re family of 3 persons or more

Why Canggu beach is the best place to learn to surf in Bali?

Your surf instructor will decide where the lesson take place according to your surf experience and the current ocean conditions, but most lessons happen in Canggu spot*.

Why not in Kuta?

Kuta beach is considered as the most popular place to learn to surf in Bali. You can find here shallow sandy beach breaks and easy slowly white water waves. That's why many surf schools are located here - they take big groups of beginner surfers, who get lots of theory on the beach and then in the water try to stand up on the board by themselves and ride the white water. Honestly its easy to do, so surf schools often make a promise you will definitely stand up on the board during your first lesson. Yes, you will. But does it the only surfing skill you need to learn? Does it mean after 5-7 days surf course on Kuta beach you will know how to surf? Nope, unfortunately not.

Surfing is not only about standing on the board. Surfing is about paddling, reading the ocean, choosing the right position in lineup – that’s the basic skills for everyone who really want to learn to surf and start practicing in different breaks. Kuta beach is not about real surfing, it’s about having fun in splashing water. We want our guests to know the real surfing, that’s why we make lessons in Canggu. There are several breaks here with different waves and also white water for total beginners. You will learn here to paddle, to manage your board, to understand the ocean and ride easy green waves - even on your first private lesson! So be sure you will practice the real surfing and get ready for your own surfing sessions in the future.

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