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We take surfers to any Bali break. In accordance with current ocean conditions and surfing experience.
Even if you know the name of surf spot and have the point on the map it does not mean you could easily find it. Bali roads could be too confusing for non-local people, so let us bring you to the best Bali beaches.

Why to take surf tour with guiding in the water?

Best break recommendation
You need left or righthand waves? Barreled or easy fun waves? Small or big? Reef or sand bottom? – Just text us and explain about your wishes and experience and we'll choose the best option for you according to the expected ocean conditions.
Need to improve surfing skills
You feel not confident in the new waves, afraid of reefs or stones, want to try faster waves or to learn basic surfing maneuvers (bottom turn, cut back). Or you have difficulties in choosing right position in the lineup and making take off- then the surf guide in the water is the best way to get good surfing practice and improve your skills.
Feeling comfortable
Although Bali is known for its hospitality and friendly vibe, surf localism happens here as well. You could feel unwelcome in some surf breaks and that's why skip most waves. So let your local guide be your buddy and give you access to waves.
Feeling safe
Strong current, shallow reef bottom, too much white water – never know what to expect in the new surf break. The guide will explain to you all breaks features and help in any case. As always surf alone in unknown place is not good idea.
Uluwatu at the big day
How do we work?
Send us request
Your personal manager get back to you and offer the most suitable spot and time for surfing.
Road to the surf spot
Your surf guide pick you up at your hotel in Bali and drives to the arranged surf spot.
Your guide can surf with you and help in the water or just wait for you on the beach.
Road back to your hotel
The guide drive you back to your place.


Fullday trip with guiding in the water to one of distant breaks in Bali - the longest lefthand waves in Medewi.

  • pick up and drop off service
  • Surfing in Medewi break
  • duration about 7-9 hours including 2 hours of surfing session
  • guides assistance in the lineup
  • rent board for extra charge
  • possibility to go for two days upon request
Don't waste your time looking for best waves in Bali.
We know where to go in accordance with current ocean conditions and your surfing experience


I need just a driver to bring me to the beach - Can you help me?
Yes - just send us request with desired day to go and we arrange you a car with driver who knows about surf spots.
We're two people with different surfing level. Can we surf together?
Yes we can choose for you a surf spot suitable for both of you.
What boards do you have?
We have a wide range of rent boards for all levels. Let us know what do you prefer and your guide will bring you a proper board.
Can I have 2 surf sessions per day?
Yes, we can organize for you full-day trip with two sessions in different breaks - send us request and we'll give you details.
I stay in Uluwatu/ Nusa Dua/Sanur etc. - can you pick me up there?
Yes, we make pick up in any area of Bali - just send us request and we'll give you prices and other details.
My friend/partner would like to tag along and wait for me on the beach while i'm surfing. Is it possible?
Yes, your friend/partner could tag along. It's free of charge.
We're group of 3/4/5 surfers - can we get discount?
Yes. Just send us request - and we'll give you all the details.
How can I book a trip?
Fill up our booking form.
Or just send a message via whatsapp:
Should I make a reservation in advance?
We do our best to provide surfing for every guest, even if it's last minute booking. But if you want to be sure to go to surf at the desirable time especially on high season, please let us know at least 2 days beforehand.
How should I pay for my session?
You can pay after surfing in cash directly to your surf guide.
What if I want to cancel my surf trip?
If you want to cancel or reschedule your surf trip please let us know ASAP via email, calling or texting via whatsapp.
If the surf guide is already on the way at your hotel and you want to cancel the trip, we would appreciate if you meet your guide anyway and give him some tips.
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