Surf tours in Bali

Surf tours for experienced surfers in Bali and beyond

You have holidays in Bali and want to surf. But you don’t know where to go? We make surf tours for intermediate and advanced surfers with local guides. You will surf at the best breaks at the best times and feel homy in any lineup.

Why do I need surf guiding in Bali?

Best break recommendation

You need left or righthand waves? Barreled or easy fun waves? Small or big? Reef or sand bottom? – Just text us and explain about your wishes and experience and we’ll choose the best option for you according to the expected ocean conditions.

Fastest way to get to the spot

Even if you know the name of surf spot and have the point on the map it does not mean you could easily find it. Bali roads could be too confusing for non-local people, so let us bring you to the best Bali beaches.

Feeling comfortable

Although Bali is known for its hospitality and friendly vibe, surf localism happens here as well. You could feel unwelcome in some surf breaks and that’s why skip most waves. So let your local guide be your buddy and give you access to waves.

Feeling safe

Strong current, shallow reef bottom, too much white water – never know what to expect in the new surf break. The guide will explain to you all breaks features and help in any case. To surf alone is a bad idea always.

Find out best Bali surf spots

Kuta and Seminyak are the most popular touristic destinations in Bali with lots of big hotels, restaurants and clubs. The waves here are mostly for beginners with easy white water and shallow sandy bottom.

Canggu area is a trendy place popular among surfers and also yoga lovers. The surf spots here provide waves for any level, and in the town you can find many places to enjoy your time after riding the waves and feel the vibe of surfers lifestyle. Our guests love to stay here and take surf tours to other areas.

South Bali area (Uluwatu, Balangan and other breaks) is located a bit in the distance from most touristic facilities. Surfing breaks here are good for experienced surfers used to reef breaks with fast waves.

Nusa Dua is the area of big brand hotels for mostly nonsurfers who want to spend their holidays chilling in the sun on white sand beaches.

Wherever you stay in Bali we will come, pick you up and bring to the surf spot depending on your wish, surfing level and ocean conditions.

Any questions? – Feel free to ask


World famous breaks that give true big waves surfing in a large swell


The major left hand reef break


Very long workable left


World-class barrel waves


Beautiful rocky beach with powerful waves and difficult access


Just perfect barrel


All seasons good rideable surf with several different peaks


Excellent reefbreak in classic black sand beach