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Surf lessons for families and kids


The lessons are recommended for children aged 6 years and over and able to swim.
We make only one-on-one coaching, our surf instructors have wide experience of teaching the kids.
The guide always stay next to your kid and assist him to stand up and take a wave.
Pick up / drop off
The pick up/drop off service in Canggu area are included. If you stay in another area and keen to surf, just text us and we will give you all the details about prices, location and pick up service.
Most of our beginner lessons take place in Canggu. Sometimes, if the current ocean conditions in Canggu are non-surfable, we can go to another break (Nusa Dua, Serangan, Jimbaran).
The time of lesson depends on the ocean conditions and discussed with each guest individually. We can offer to reschedule your lesson to catch easier ocean conditions for children. The duration of one lesson is around 1,5-2 hours, depending on how quick your kid get tired.
What to wear / bring
swimsuit / swim trunks
strong sunblock cream
rash guard if you have
Upon request we can order a cameraman who make photos from the beach or photographer who make pictures in the water.
What you will learn on your first surf class
Theory on the beach (10-15 minutes):
  • basic information about ocean conditions
  • surf technique
  • safety rules and surf etiquette

Practice in the water (about 2 hours):
  • paddling technique and position on the board
  • managing the board
  • take off and catching white water wave
  • riding a wave
What our guests say


Can we have one guide for all?
We make only private coaching, so it means each guest gets personal surf guide. It's due to safety reasons and better quality of your surfing class.
What time the lessons usually start?
We have no strictly schedule, so the time of your lesson depends on you and also on the ocean conditions. Once you book the session we will inform you when is better to go according to the surf report. But if you stay not in Canggu and need longer transfer we always recommend to go early in the morning to escape traffic jams.
How long does the surfing lesson last?
One surf lesson lasts about 2 hours. Sometimes less because the kids can get tired quickly. Sometimes the ocean conditions unpredictably change and your surf guide could offer to finish the lesson earlier cause of safety reasons.
We stay in Uluwatu/ Nusa Dua/Sanur etc. - can you pick us up there?
Yes, we make pick up in any area of Bali - just send us request and we'll give you prices and other details.
If i book a lesson only for my child can i tag along and wait on the beach while he is surfing?
Yes, sure.
We are family of 4/5/6 people - what's the price?
Just send us request - and we'll give you all the details. More people surf - more discount you get. And each of you still get personal coach.
My kid is not able to swim. Can he/she take a surfing lesson?
We're afraid it could be dangerous for your kid to try surfing, if he can not swim.
Do you make lessons in Kuta/ Seminyak beaches?
Usually we make lessons in Canggu, because Canggu breaks give you the opportunity not only to stand up on the board in the splashing white water, like in Kuta beach, but also ability to learn to paddle and manage the board properly, to choose correct position in the lineup and understand the ocean - that is the most important basic skills for anyone who want to learn how to surf and get ready for different breaks.
How can we book a lesson?
You can submit your reservation via our booking form:

Or send us email to
Contact us via whats app : +62 878 52900489
Should we make a reservation in advance?
We do our best to provide surfing lessons for every guest, even if it's last minute booking. But if you want to be sure to go to surf at the desirable time especially on high season, please let us know at least 2 days beforehand.
How should we pay for my lesson?
You can pay after surfing in cash or via Paypal in advance - just let us know what do you prefer.
What if we want to cancel our lesson?
If you want to cancel or reschedule your surf session please let us know ASAP via email, calling or texting via whatsapp.
If the surf guide is already on the way at your hotel and you want to cancel the lesson, we would appreciate if you meet your guide anyway and give him some tips.
What if we have our own transport and can come to the beach by ourselves?
Your surf guides will meet you on the beach. Just send us request - and we'll explain to you about exact meeting point.
We stay in Nusa Dua/Sanur/Uluwatu etc. - Do you make lessons close by my hotel?
Most of our lessons take place in Canggu - best waves for beginners and intermediate surfers. Sometimes we could go to other breaks depending on your location and the season, so better just send us request and we'll give you details.