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Surf coaching in Bali

For intermediate surfers

Boost your surf skills with us!

You're not total beginner but still need to improve your surfing skills
  • Feel not confident in the water/ afraid of reefs, new break, big waves etc.
  • Hardly can take green wave
  • Can ride wave, but can not turn left/right
  • Have difficulties in choosing right position in the lineup and making take off
  • Want to learn how to surf on the short board and make duck dive
  • Want to try faster waves
  • Want to learn basic surfing maneuvers (bottom turn, cut back)

Why you should take personal surf guide?

  • Your surf guide choose waves suitable for your level and experience
  • Your learning process is specifically designed to meet your needs depending on your experience and wishes
  • Personal coach give you access to waves despite the crowds of surfers around, so you ride much more waves, get intensive practice and improve your surf skills at fastest rate
  • During the session after each wave your guide give you some tips how to improve your technique
  • You feel confident in the water because your surf guide is always by you ready to assist
Many people start being afraid of the ocean and stop
to surf because they did not feel confident in the water. Personal professional surf guide does make you
feel comfy and safe.

Where do we make lessons for intermediate surfers?

Most of our surf lessons take place in Canggu - in breaks with not too fast green long waves, good for practicing and improving surfing skills. So if you're really keen to surf we recommend you to stay in Canggu or Seminyak area closer to the place of our lessons.

If you stay in other Bali area (Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Sanur, Kuta) we could go for surfing to another beach (Nusa Dua breaks or Serangan). It depends on the current ocean conditions and the season.

How do we work

Everyday we work hard to provide our guests great surfing experience
Easy to book
Send us request via website, via email, via whatsapp - your personal manager get back to you, offer best time to go to surf and organize your session.
Individual approach
We treat each guest individually and always try to fit surf sessions to their personal holidays schedule.
Different ways of payment
You can pay after surfing in cash, or via Paypal in advance.
Pick up / Drop off included
Our lessons usually take place in Canggu breaks. But we are ready to pick you up in other Bali areas.
We collaborate with best surf instructors in Bali and keep searching best of the best every day. All of them have more than 5 years experience of teaching and speak English fluently. Also they are easy going and friendly guys.


What our guests say


We are two people with different surfing level. Can we surf together?
Yes sure, each of you get personal surf guide, so the lesson will be specifically designed to meet the needs of both of you, depending on your experience and ability level.
What time the lessons usually start?
We have no strictly schedule, so the time of your lesson depends on you and also on the ocean conditions. Once you book the session we will inform you when is better to go according to the surf report. But if you stay not in Canggu and need longer transfer we always recommend to go early in the morning to escape traffic jams.
How long does the surfing lesson last?
One surf lesson lasts about 2 hours.
What boards do you have?
We have a wide range of rent boards for all levels. Our coach will choose for you a proper board before the lesson.
Can I use the board after lesson?
Surf board rent is included only during your lesson. If you want to use it after the lesson there will be additional charge - 50 IDR (4 USD). Just inform your coach and he will organize it.
Can I have 2 surf sessions per day?
Yes, if you have enough energy and feel not tired you can take 2 surf lessons a day - in the morning and then in the afternoon. Just let us know and we'll organize it for you.
I stay in Uluwatu/ Nusa Dua/Sanur etc. - can you pick me up there?
Yes, we make pick up in any area of Bali - just send us request and we'll give you prices and other details.
My friend/partner would like to tag along and wait for me on the beach while i'm surfing. Is it possible?
Yes, your friend/partner could tag along. It's free of charge.
How can I book a lesson?
You can submit your reservation via our booking form:

Or send us email to
Contact us via whats app : +62 878 52900489
Should I make a reservation in advance?
We do our best to provide surfing lessons for every guest, even if it's last minute booking. But if you want to be sure to go to surf at the desirable time especially on high season, please let us know at least 2 days beforehand.
How should I pay for my lesson?
You can pay after surfing in cash or via Paypal in advance - just let us know what do you prefer.
What if I want to cancel my lesson?
If you want to cancel or reschedule your surf session please let us know ASAP via email, calling or texting via whatsapp.
If the surf guide is already on the way at your hotel and you want to cancel the lesson, we would appreciate if you meet your guide anyway and give him some tips.
What if I have my own transport and can come to the beach by myself?
Your surf guide will meet you on the beach. Just send us request - and we'll explain to you about exact meeting point.
I stay in Nusa Dua/Sanur/Uluwatu etc. - Do you make lessons close by my hotel?
Most of our lessons take place in Canggu - best waves for beginners and intermediate surfers. Sometimes we could go to other breaks depending on your location and the season, so better just send us request and we'll give you details.
Do you have video coaching?
Video coaching (to watch a video how you ride a wave after surfing) makes sense only for people who already have some surfing experience and want to improve surfing skills. For beginner surfers it's not needed.