Bali is a small island located in the tropical area along the Indonesian archipelagos. The island is well known for its beautiful nature, unique culture and of course great waves for surfing in the warm tropical water. There are more than 40 surf points in Bali and everyone can find here great surfing adventures. But of course not every surf spot is suitable for beginners.

So we make a review of surf beaches in Bali for...

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Bali is a major travel destination, so there are wide variety of hotels, villas, inns and hostels here for every budget. You will never have any problem in choosing the best accommodation that meets your hotel needs. But if you make plans to surf — take into account our recommendations.

Surf spots Bali

  1. If you are not a well-experienced surfer, it will be more convenient to find accommodation nearby a surf spot suitable for your surfing skills level....
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