Why is it better to learn to surf in a way of one-on-one coaching?

There are two different ways to learn to surf: in a group in a surf school or with a personal instructor. So what to choose? Let’s make it out.

If you take a group lesson, it means that you will learn to surf in a group of 8 or more students. And for all of you will be only one or at best two surf instructors. On the beach everything will be fine – your guide will explain to you surf theory, waves characteristics and show, what to do in the water. In the ocean you will try to apply this knowledge to practice. But your instructor should pay attention not only to you but also to other students. So he will not be able to look after you every time you take a wave. And you will wait for his help and advice wasting a lot of time not doing surfing or you will try to catch a wave by your own, choosing a wrong position and getting wipeout again and again. So in fact you will get a little surf practice and not many tips.

If you take a personal surf instructor, you can be sure that you will get more intensive surf practice and progress through the skills of surfing at a much faster rate. Your private lessons will be specifically designed to meet your needs depending on your experience, ability level and wishes. For the entire lesson your guide will help you to catch every suitable wave, give you some tips and provide you the most effective surf practice. So if you really want to learn to surf and achieve much success, it’s more effective to take an one-on-one coaching with well-experienced surf guide.