Learn to surf with an experienced instructor

Some people come to Bali or to another surfing place, look at the beach and crowds of surfers there and decide just to rent a surfboard and try to learn to surf by themselves. And then… become disappointed with surfing. Because most of them don’t know where to be and what to do in the water and therefore can’t catch even one small wave. So why learning on your own does not work?


Surfing is a bit harder than it looks. If you make a decision to learn surfing by yourself, it can take years to become experienced surfer. So you will hardly achieve success if you are going to spend just several weeks nearby ocean. But if you take a surf instructor, you will get the most effective surf practice and walk the path, for example, from beginner to intermediate level more faster.


Surfing is an ocean sport and the ocean is not a joke! There are sharp corals, stones, heavy strong currents, undertows and of course very large waves. So it can be really dangerous for you and other surfers if you don’t have the ocean skills and don’t know what to do in the water. That’s why it’s better to take a surf guide, who not only explain to you the characteristics of surf location, but also will guarantee your safety.


Every surfer follows the proper rules of conduct which help to keep everyone in the water safe. So if you don’t know this surfing etiquette, you can be a danger to yourself or others. Or you will piss off some real surfers. But if you go surfing with a guide, he will focus attention on yours and other surfers safety.

So the lessons with a surf guide, especially with a private surf guide, shorten the learning curve significantly. The instructor helps you to understand the ocean, to learn surf etiquette and of course to have the most effective surf practice.

So don’t run a risk and start to surf in the most sensible way — with a surf guide.